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"Postcarrrd Contest" - Arrrgust 2015

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"Postcarrrd Contest" - Arrrgust 2015


Summer in the Spiral Skyways tends to be quiet, so the Pirate Captains decided to let their Companions go on a vacation to a place of their choosing.  The Captains told their favorite companion that they needed to send a postcarrrd back to them telling them all about it.


The goal of this contest is to pick a companion and write a postcarrrd to their captain from their

(the companions) point of view. 

You can pick any companion and place that you want.

How about Batacuda who visited his extended family at the Wizard City Pond??

How about Bat Masterson who went to Darkmoore for a reunion picnic??

These are just examples, please feel free to get really creative with this!

To enter this contest you may submit your postcarrrd to our email at

You must include a written paragraph clearly describing which companion went on vacation,

to where, and what they saw/did there.

If you would like to also include a picture and/or an actual postcarrrd format that would be fantastic.

The Petnome Pirates Team will choose 5 winners from all entries who we feel were the most creative

and followed all requirements



5 winners, each getting: 

10,000 crowns and a Solar Saber Mount


Contest starts 8/4/2015 at 10AM CT and ends 8/9/2015 at 10PM CT


Send your contest entry to us at petnomepirates@hotmail.com with the subject "Postcarrrd".

Make sure to include your PIRATE or COMMUNITY NAME (not personal info or name) in the message or your entry will be disqualified.




1. Unfair Alexander Mumford

2. Clumsy Calamity

3. Dino Ashford

4. Fearless Alexander Nightingale

5. Crazy Ryan Upham






The codes expire by a certain date so please use them as soon as possible and do not re-gift them to other parties. 


Do not forget to include your Pirate name or community name. Failure to do so may result in your entry being thrown out.


Do not send in multiple entries unless otherwise stated. Breaking this rule will result in a disqualification and possibly being prohibited from entering future contests.


Please be kind and courteous to the Staff of Petnome Pirates. Do not spam or harass the staff via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Repeated harassment will result in disqualification of entry and of ability to enter future contests.


Have fun and be kind!




Thank you KingsIsle for your generous support and contest codes!





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