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Sharing is Caring!

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"Sharing is Caring" Submission Contest




Contest start date:  Saturday 3/14/15 1:00 PM Central time

Contest end date:  Saturday 3/28/15 11:59 PM Central time


We overheard in a Tavern that some lucky Pirates received pet drops while participating in the completed Pirate101 House Warming contest http://www.pirate101.com/free_game/house_warming last week.

We also heard that some Pirates have trained 1st generation pets and haven't shared with us yet...

We want your treasure...and to us Petnome Pirates, "treasure" is 1st generation pet data!!



Everyone who submits a missing pet power OR talent for any 1st generation Pirate101 pet

will gain 1 point. 

The pirate with the most points at the end of the time frame will win the 1st place prize.  The runner up will receive the 2nd place prize, followed by the 3rd and 4th place winners.   

You may enter as many times as you have valid submissions. 

The more you discover and share, the better your chances to win some of our plunder since you get 1 point for each missing submission! 

Only the first person to submit a missing power/talent (will check the time the email was received) will get the point.

In case of a tie, the pirate who submitted a missing power or talent the earliest will get the prize.

We will try to update the data frequently, at least 1x a day but hopefully more, depending on schedules.


Take a screenshot and send it to us at petnomepirates@hotmail.com with the subject "Sharing".

Make sure to include your PIRATE or COMMUNITY NAME (not personal info or name) in the message or your entry will be disqualified.


We ONLY accept information for 1st generation pets.

(Pets that hatched directly from a crown shop egg or a drop and haven't been re-hatched) 

No hybrids or pets that you hatched with another player are needed. 



1st: Smuggler's Arena + 10,000 Crowns - Two-Faced Anne (50 Submissions)

2nd: Armored Scorpion + 5,000 Crowns - William Blake (26 Submissions)

3rd: Rock Crab + 2,000 Crowns - Stormy Scarlet Nightingale (2 Submissions)

4th:  Rock Crab + 2,000 Crowns - David Everhart (2 Submissions)





The codes expire by a certain date so please use them as soon as possible and do not re-gift them to other parties. 


Do not forget to include your Pirate name or community name. Failure to do so may result in your entry being thrown out.


Do not send in multiple entries unless otherwise stated. Breaking this rule will result in a disqualification and possibly being prohibited from entering future contests.


Please be kind and courteous to the Staff of Petnome Pirates. Do not spam or harass the staff via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Repeated harassment will result in disqualification of entry and of ability to enter future contests.


Have fun and be kind!





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