Arrrr you ready for school

Ahoy pirates! It be that time again for all ye youngin' pirates to be headin' back to the mainland for ye studies and I only gots one question for ye....arrr ye ready for school? I surely hopes ye are! There be sweet loot for the cleverest lil pirates in Petnome Pirates newest contest for Arrrgust!


The contest is super easy! All ye have to do is prepare a sack lunch for one of ye companions (You can pick any companion) for the first day of Piratin' Studies on Skull Island. Send us an email telling us what snacks and other contents make up ye lunch and why you chose those items. Make sure to have at least a paragraph or more. Make ye story as funny and silly as possible while providing ample reasons why ye picked your items. Winners be picked from a pool of the best entries and the prizes are as follows. Make sure to include your pirate's name and send your email to by August 25th, 2014 at Noon Central time.




Grand Prize:

10,000 Crowns

Witchdoctor's Lab Housing Add-on

Random Springtime pet (When redeemed will be at MAX Lv 65 level)


Runner-up #1:

5,000 Crowns

Witchdoctor's Lab Housing Add-on


Runner-up #2 and #3:

5,000 Crowns



Honorable Mentions:

1,000 Crowns



The Rules:

You cannot send multiples entries in. One entry per person.

DO NOT send us your account Password or username and never give it out to anyone asking for it. Official fansites nor Kingsisle will ask for such information. Ever.

Make sure you include your Pirate's name so we can identify you as the winner. No names on an entry might make you lose your prize.

If you're under 13 get a parent to help you out with your entry. As permission to participate.

No spamming emails or tweets, foul language, or inappropriate behavior towards other players or the Petnome staff. This will forfeit your entry.

Make sure your entry is at least a paragraph long and there is no inappropriate language or content apparent or hidden otherwise in your entry.

Most importantly, have fun! If you are not sure of something ask us! Contact us by email [] or on Twitter @PetnomePirates.




Contest starts: 8/18/2014

Contest ends: 8/25/2014


Winner's table:


Grand Prize

Scarlet Kidd



Brave Eric Jordan

Dreaming Deirdre Collins


Honorable Mentions

Sneaky Michael Silver

Bad Bess

Silver Pearl

Grace Everheart

Golden Aurora Everheart








Good luck to all and see ye in the Spiral! Arrr!