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Understanding your pets: An overview of Advanced Pets

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An Overview of the Advanced Pet System



    To get started on this new advanced pet adventure, visit Mickey Dugan, Town Cryer in Avery’s Court outside of Captain Avery’s Office.  He will give you a quest called “Silly Pet Tricks” that will lead to your access into Bestia where you will find lots of pet related areas all in a grand pet pavilion named Circus Maximus.  Some areas of interest are:


Pet Egg Vendors - Peregrin Parvulus & Colonia Altrix

Pet Snacks Vendor - Gallina Karus

Pet Gear Vendor - Felix Faucibus

Pet Renaming (for 500 gold) - Chroma Cupona

Morphing Tent

Pet Sparring Arena (with options for pet practice match and pet pvp match) - Decius Duelmaster



Understanding Your Pet:


   Pets are not new to Pirate 101. They have been in the game since its inception. They have been obtained through boss drops, prepaid cards, and the Crown Shop. We are used to our pets joining and fighting in our battles alongside our pirates. We also chose specific pets based on their innate talent that would complement our own pirate fighting style. So… pets are not new to the game BUT Advanced Pets are and they have altered the game in new and exciting ways! Let’s talk about what is the same and what has changed, what is new, and how this can affect the way you play the game. It all begins in understanding your pet.


What is the Same and What Has Changed in Pets:


   Before the Advanced Pet Update, our pets had stats. When we hovered over their stats we could see how much Health, Damage, Dodge, Accuracy, Armor, Resist they had as well as what their innate Talent was and the level of the pet. This is still the same but with the new additions it has changed somewhat.



   In addition to seeing those same above stats, we can see a lot more about our pets. They now show how much Strength, Agility, and Will the pet has and which one is enhancing your pet’s damage boost. We can also see at a glance what Epic Abilities and Talents the pet possesses as well as their Pedigree (Manifest #) and how much Experience they have.



   Not only can we see those above stats for what they are at this moment, we can see what they CAN be. Our pets now show what their max stat level is for each of those attributes. This helps us when we are training our pets to boost certain stats. Another thing that is the same but has also changed is our pet joining our battles. We are accustomed to them randomly entering a battle with us in the first round if at all. That has been changed a bit. Pets can still enter a battle randomly. However, it will not always be on the first turn. They can join in on any round now.


What is New:


   New things that have been added to pet stats are Pedigrees, Powers, Talents, Pet Stats, and Experience to level your pets beyond our pirate’s level. Our pets will not level at the same time as our pirates did before the update. Pets will grow and age ONLY if they are trained. A Pedigree is a determined number for each pet. This number will always be the same for every first generation pet of the same type. The number will remain a constant and will never increase or decrease as you train your pet. The number in (parentheses) next to the Pedigree number is the Manifest number. This number will increase as your pet unlocks or manifests new Talents and Powers. We can also see what Powers and Talents our pets have acquired as they age (level up). These are attacks and abilities that enhance a pet during battles. Some even boost or grant abilities to our own pirates!



   Powers are the specific types of damage or heals your pet does in pirate battles or when activated by cheer bonus in a pet sparring match. Some Powers you probably haven’t seen before and these will only manifest in certain pets. Other Powers you have seen before like Mojo Blast, Brutal Charge, or Sneak Attack because these are the same as what your pirate has trained in or gotten from gear. Only now your pets get to use them, too. Some Powers will allow your pet to heal like Rally, Refresh, or Rouse. Then there are Powers pets possess that will grant Power cards to your pirate. Some of these include Regroup, Kraken’s Lament, or Jobu’s Breath.


   Talents are inherent abilities that your pet Just Has. Some of these are also known as Epic Abilities such as Relentless, Cheap Shot, and Riposte that are activated when a pet is in battle. Others like Enhanced Damage, Armor, or Movement will add to existing attributes. There are others like Naturally Spirited, Tough, and Power that will add a + total to the maximum amount of that particular stat. Then there are the Extras; Extra Gritty, Extra Strength, Extra Dodgy. These will add a percent (%) to the total maximum amount for that stat.


     As of now there are two types of Bladestorm Epics. One is Bladestorm 1 which is found on the Celestial Dragon. This will allow the pet to hit another foe adjacent to him when he has defeated an enemy. The other is a GRANTS Bladestorm which is only given by the Sky Candy Cane Dragon at this time. This will allow a pirate who equips this pet to have that ability. Personally, I would suggest using this pet on your Privateer, Swashbuckler, or low level Buccaneer to grant them an extra Epic.





How Loyal is Your Pet?


   Let’s talk about Loyalty and what it means in regards to your pet. If you had any pets BEFORE the Advanced Pet Update, then they have been classified as Loyal. Legacy pets are retired Loyal pets that will never be brought back into the game like the Skarakeet. This loyalty factor will automatically increase your pets likeliness to join your battle by 50%. Some, but not ALL, Loyal pets will have differences than their after update counterparts. Some examples are posted below: 


    A lot of people own the Loyal Orchid Chameleon because it is such a common drop in Skull Island. Take a look at your own. You will see it has a 225 Pedigree and you will also notice that the Talents, Powers, and Ranks match the map in the link below. Now, I have procured a few Orchid Chameleons from Pet Wranglin’ and trained them up to Mega level. So far they all have the same Pedigree, the Ranks are in the same slots, and their Talents/Powers are in sync with their Loyal equivalents.


Click to see Orchid Chameleon vs Loyal Orchid Chameleon map



    The same also applies to the (Loyal) Ebon Spectre. The Pedigree, Ranks, Talents/Powers have not changed due to the Loyal factor.


    Now we look at the Loyal Imperial Lion we got from the Mooshu side quest “Mooshu Mystic”. It has a 294 Pedigree with the following Talents/Powers & Ranks mapped out. However, an Imperial Lion picked up from Pet Wranglin’ has a 236 Pedigree (BIG DIFFERENCE!) with the following map. You will notice that is quite a rearrangement on the Talent side, huh?


Click to see Imperial Lion vs Loyal Imperial Lion map


   Because Loyalty of a pet belongs to pets that were attained before the update, you will NEVER find a Skarakeet pet that isn’t Loyal or an Ostrich that is. These are certainties based on their status at the time of the update.


Bought Pets:


   The final thing to discuss in regards to understanding your pet is to find out how this update affects those that you buy. Any pets you have bought from the Crown Shop or Prepaid cards and secured or redeemed before the update will also fall under the Loyalty provision stated above. Prepaid cards that you buy from specific stores are changed out every fourth month. The cards may have a single body type for that particular pet but each month their primary talent changes. This was brought to the attention of the devs at P101 during Test Realm when the Prepaid pets were not maintaining or manifesting the innate Talents that were stated on the prepaid site. I am happy to note that they have obliged by addressing AND fixing this issue. This is good news for those who seek their Crowns or membership from Prepaid cards while getting a bonus pet. Therefore, a $10 Walmart card bought during March or July will give a Monsoon Turtle which has the Slippery Talent. That is the innate talent for this individual pet and will be the first to manifest at level 10 (Baby) even though it doesn’t fall in the first Talent slot. Similarly, a $20 Target card redeemed during April, August, or December will afford you an Emerald Budgie that will manifest Second Chance 1 at level 10.





How To Train Your Pet:



   This feature is simplified as much as it can. We will try to relate and make this guide at the same level of complicity. For starters, you can open a pet page by pressing the key “I”. There you can see a list of your pets and all related pet information. Since this is about training, we will just review that option out of many that can be found on this page. By clicking on your pet and reading down below you will see information that tells whether your pet is in idle state or busy, depending on if he is already on a pet training task or not.




Little stopwatch timer indicated that your pet is still in training.  Example of a pet that is in idle state, ready to be trained.



By clicking on train you will get an option to choose Activity Category.



For starting pets you will have only unlocked Skull Island as your first category. Getting your pet to a certain level unlocks new category.



Once you click on your Activity Category, you will be automatically taken to new list of options, where you can choose what task your pet will be doing. Each task differs on what it Grants (what stats will be raised)



and what is required (Time, Energy, Level, and Pet gear)



If you are lacking some of the above mentioned requirements, the task will be locked.



   Each task affects different values of your pet’s stats; Agility, Strength, Will, Health, Guts, Guile, and Grit. When your pet levels, the parameters for time and energy cost increases. Items or Pet Gear you need to train your pet can be obtained via Pet Wranglin’, Pet Sparring, Pet Vendors, drops from various creatures around the spiral, and from Pet Training. Yes, some tasks on Pet Training grant you some of the Pet Gear. Either way, you can categorize task into two different groups, one that increase your main stats, (Agi, Str, Will, Health and Experience) and the other type which increase your Cheering stats (Guts, Guile and Grit).






   Difference between those two is that the first one is giving you experience count toward leveling your pets. This also gives you the opportunity to feed your pet after the task is finished. The second group of tasks, the one that boost your Cheering stats, doesn’t give you experience and it doesn’t level your pet. You also do not get the chance to feed your pet with snacks after the task is finished. Once you set your pet on a training task, you only have to wait for the timer to finish and you are done. That’s it! No menial mini games to do over and over.  Just click finish when your pet is done


   and feed him snack, or not, depending on which task it was performing. You may also save on your snacks by choosing NOT to feed a pet who has maxed out their stats but not their experience. Since the pet snacks increase these attributes, they are being wasted. Your pet will increase their level just by doing pet training and skipping the snack feeding. Every time your pet finishes the training, a little notification icon will appear on left side of your screen in the form of a treasure chest.



   It is needless to say that if even if you are offline your pet will still keep performing their training and the time will continue to count down. During pet training your pet is still able to perform in activities like Pet Sparring and PvE. So make sure you train those pets to maximize their abilities!


Side note: There are two secret pet snack vendors to be discovered, and by doing that you will earn a new badge -


1. Storm Singer in Ogallala Rock, Big Sky Skyway, Cool Ranch

2. Yoshio Sanjo in Sacred Mountain, Subata Skyway, Mooshu






Pet Sparring:



   In this guide we will try to explain how Pet Sparring works, highlights of the combat, matching system, and how to cheer your way to victory.



   In order to start with the Pet Games, you need to visit the town crier Mickey Dugan in Avery's Court and pick up the quest "Silly Pet Tricks". After you finish roaming through the quest line you will eventually find yourself in Circus Maximus where you can start your Pet Sparing matches against Decius.




   First you will have to fight the NPC Decius Duelmaster and one of his multitude of pets. Consider this a tutorial and introduction to the pet sparring mechanics. After five matches you unlock the Pet PvP Match feature, which means that now you are ready to face other player’s pets. You can now also choose a second pet to fight for you. The Maximum number of pets that can participate in one match is four. The more matches you play, the more pet slots you unlock. Also, each time you unlock one more slot, you get a badge!


Note: You can always choose how many pets you want to spar. Even if you have unlocked all four slots, you can remove pets from them and spar with only one pet if you want to.



Unlocks Player Vs. Player and 2 available pet slots  Unlocks 3 available pet slots  Unlocks 4 available pet slots 





   Cheering is your pet's main source of power. Each cheer will boost your pet's special power meter, which allows them to unleash a powerful ability. Cheering can be boosted by Guts, Grit, and Guile as well as proper timing to Strength, Agility, and Will reactions in combat. Guts, Grit, and Guile determine when your cheers are most effective during a fight. For example, a pet with high Guts is most effective during the start of battle when their health is full.


Guts- Grants higher cheer power for pets that have full health or near full health.


Guile- Grants higher cheer power for pets that are at half health.


Grits- Grants higher cheer power for pets that have low health.


   Strength, Agility and Will affect pet sparring just the same as they do in standard combat. However, there is an added feature they have in pet sparring. Timing your cheers along with these will grant Epic to Super cheers for your pets. The symbols appear on the left of the cheer buttons after one of the 3 actions is performed. Watch for these symbols. With a little practice, you can fill your special power meter halfway with one cheer.


Strength- Grants bonus cheer power if your pet does a successful attack.


Agility- Grants bonus cheer power to your pet's successful dodges.


Will- Grants bonus cheer power when your pet is attacked.


   Once your special power meter is full, your pets can unleash one of 3 special Power abilities. These will activate on the next turn or turn after, depending on how quickly you select the power. Each Power comes with a description of its abilities. Decide which one is best and let your pet cut loose with it.



Pet Morphing:



   With the release of P101’s advanced pet system update Spring 2014, Pirates around the Spiral now have the opportunity to create whole new pets via Pet Morphing! The Morphing Tent is where this magic happens. Where, what, how…? The Morphing Tent is located in Bestia just a short boat ride accessed from the top level of Avery’s Court, by the Musketeer's Roost. The Morphing Tent is a stunning purple and gold tent overlooking the pet sparring arena.  It has pictures of animals all over it so you’ll know it when you see it.  Once a Pirate enters they will discover 6 Pet Morphing stations, 4 singles and 2 doubles.



How to Use a Single Pet Morphing Station:



   In order to self-morph you need to have at least two adult or higher pets in your pirate’s backpack and enough gold to pay for the transaction.  The cost varies depending on the levels of the pets being morphed and is approximately 18,000-22,000.  After you step on the sigil you will see a screen that shows two of your pets and their stats side by side.  The amount of gold it costs also will be seen on the bottom left corner and this will vary depending on the level of the pets shown. You can scroll through all your available options (only adult or higher will show up) and when you find the two that you would like to morph together click the green morph button.  A screen will pop up saying “Morph? Morph a new pet for xx,xxx gold?” with “Yar!” and “Nar!” as options.  Click “Yar!” if you’re sure and Voila!, you will receive a new egg that will soon hatch into a new baby pet!  Click “Nar!” to return to the pet selection screen.



How to Use a Double Pet Morphing Station:



   In order to morph a pet at the double station,  you will need to find another pirate who wants to hatch with a pet of yours. You need to have at least one adult or higher pet in your pirate’s backpack and enough gold to pay for the transaction as well as the friend you are morphing with. The cost varies depending on the levels of the pets being morphed and is approximately 18,000-22,000 gold. After you both step on the sigils you will have a 9 second countdown and then see a screen that shows two pets and their stats side by side. The left side is your pet and the right side is the pet of the person you are morphing with. You can click on each pet to switch from the powers stats to the talents stats. The amount of gold it costs also will be seen on the bottom left corner. You can scroll through all your available options and ask them to do this with theirs (only adult or higher will show up). When you find the two that you both would like to morph together click the green morph button. A screen will pop up saying “Morph? Morph a new pet for xx,xxx gold?” with “Yar!” and “Nar!” as options.  Click “Yar!” if you’re sure and Voila!, you will both receive a new egg that will soon hatch into a new baby pet! 


     It is very important to note that one of three things will happen after you click the “morph” button. 

       1) You might get a copy of your original pet back although the Pedigree, Stats, Talents, and Powers will most likely be different. 

       2) You might get a copy of your friend's pet you morphed with back (again, the Pedigree, Stats, Talents, and Powers will most

           likely be different).

       3) You might get a totally different looking pet from either “parent”.  These are referred to as hybrid pets, a mixture of two

           different pets. They look different from each parent as well as having different stats, talents and powers.


   If you morph with another pirate, you may both end up with the same kind of eggs (from one parent), different eggs (from each parent), or a new different egg! As noted above, your new pet should have a whole new combination of Pedigree, Stats, Talents, and Powers with a mixture of traits from both parents.


   The good thing about Pirate101 morphing is: if you don't like or get the egg you want, you only have to wait 10 minutes for the morphing timer to count down and then you can try again!



Hybrid Pets



   Certain adult or higher pets can be morphed with another adult or higher pet to create a whole new type of pet, both physically and stat wise. Not all pets have a chance to create a hybrid pet. Morphing two pets together does not guarantee that the new egg will contain a baby hybrid pet; there is a chance you might get a baby that looks like either parent. While they can be really cute and have great stats, Hybrids are not considered first generation pets since so many variables are in play and they can change with each morph. Petnome Pirates has extensive information on FIRST GENERATION pets only, as these remain the same across all first generation pets of the same exact type. But it is fun to see what possibilities can come from morphing!





   So we at Petnome Pirates will make sure that any and all changes or differences are noted and updated on our site. This will ensure that you can be certain of what kind of pet you have. Our site is for the community and we operate with your support and help. Please help us maintain it by sending accurate FIRST GENERATION pet info to our new Petnome Pirates email at Pirate101Petnome@outlook.com. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them via email or Twitter. You can follow us @PetnomePirates and our Facebook page is Petnome Project Page.


~The Petnome PiratesTeam~


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