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Yulefest 2013

Page history last edited by Duncan StormThief 7 years, 3 months ago

Yuletide Festival 2013


It's time to celebrate Yuletide in The Spiral!

What is the better way to do that than to throw a contest? Nothing! YARRR!





The codes expire by a certain date so please use them as soon as possible and do not re-gift them to other parties. 


Do not forget to include your Pirate name or community name. Failure to do so may result in your entry being thrown out.


If you win a prize you have one week from the date of the announcement of winners to contact us to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in loss of prize.


Do not send in multiple entries. Breaking this rule will result in a disqualification and possibly being prohibited from entering future contests.


Please be kind and courteous to the Staff of Petnome Pirates. Do not spam or harass the staff via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Repeated harassment will result in disqualification of entry and of ability to enter future contests.


Have fun and be kind! ;-)


- Captain Sam Laveer 


Duncan needs a name!




Team member Duncan Stormthief would like to make new pirate character. He will be privateer. Naturally he comes from a long line of Mighty Duncans as all of his pirates/wizards do.

We are just not able to come up with his nickname/last name. Any help would awesome!

So for this contest all you need to do is to finish Duncan's name. Petnome Team is going to judge which one is the best, and new Duncan will bear the name we liked the most.


Name example format:

Title/Moniker Duncan Last Name

Noble Duncan Ironside





And we got ourselves the winners.


Wicked Esmeralda Nightingale

3 Runner ups:

Fiery Kira West

Humble Brandon Quincy

Bloody Wesley Xavier



Send your entry to petnome@hotmail.com with the subject Yuletide Festival, and don't forget to include your PIRATE NAME in the email.

 Failure do to so, and your entry may be discarded.



Grand Prize - Name will be used for Duncan's new pirate + Mistle Toad Companion and 10,000 Crowns.

3 Runner ups will get a random Yuletide pet and 1,000 Crowns



Create-a-Polaris companion:




Now that we have bust him out of the prison, Napoleguin is in need of a really good Polaris companion. Your job is to create Polaris themed companion.

Try to describe us your companion as much as you can. We need name, stats (for highest level in game), class.

Maybe some sort of background, for example, what quest did you do to get it. Was it main quest or side quest.

What epics can it learn, etc...

Be creative as possible.



THIS CONTEST ENDS: January, 6th.



And we got ourselves the winners.


Loyal Sean

3 Runner ups:

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Captain William Blake

Bloody Wesley Xavier



Send your entry to petnome@hotmail.com with the subject Yuletide Festival, and don't forget to include your PIRATE NAME in your email.

Failure do to so, your entry will be discarded.



Grand Prize - Mistle Toad and 10,000 Crowns + Random Yuletide pet

1st place - Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns + Random Yuletide pet

2nd place - Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns

3rd Place - Random Yuletide Pet + 1,000 Crowns



Trivia with Loremaster Alric:


Alric Ravensinger will post a series of questions at random dates and time from his twitter profile.

Those who answer first, correctly, or both win a prize.

In case you don't follow him, click here to go to his page, or you can just search for his profile with this mention @AlricRavenwiz.

If you win a prize, you need to follow him so that he could send you prize through direct message.



Many will win! Prizes include Yuletide pets, crowns, and a chance to get a Yuletide companion!





Mistle Toad Companion + 10k Crowns

Prince Yulefest Companion + 2.5k Crowns

One Random Yuletide Pet plus a rare chance at a Yuletide Companion (Mistle Toad, Prince Yulefest, or the good ol’ Yule Trogg)

One Random Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon, or Green Baubleloon) + 1k Crowns




Good Luck!

- Stubborn Duncan Freeman 







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