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Talk Like A Pirate Celebration

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Talk Like A Pirate 2013


Yar me mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate day! O' boy do we have a fiiiine treat fer you scalawags!

We be havin' a Piratin' contest O' wits of the lyrical nature!


"Lyrical Pirate" contest:

Take any song* [For exclusions see rules]and replace it's normal lyrics with pirate-y ones. 

It can be any genre of music from any period.


Send your entries to petnome@hotmail.com with the subject title: "Lyric contest"


Start date: September 19th, 2013

End date: September 29th, 2013






You can use any song as long as it's lyrics are not highly suggestive or related to adult themes such as violence. Failure to comply with this rule is an automatic disqualification of entry.*


The codes expire by a certain date so please use them as soon as possible and do not re-gift them to other parties.



Do not forget to include your Pirate name or community name. Failure to do so may result in your entry being thrown out.


If you win a prize you have one week from the date of the announcement of winners to contact us to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in loss of prize.


Do not send in multiple entries. Breaking this rule will result in a disqualification and possibly being prohibited from entering future contests.


Please be kind and courteous to the Staff of Petnome Pirates. Do not spam or harass the staff via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Repeated harassment will result in disqualification of entry and of ability to enter future contests.


Have fun and be kind! Don't forget to talk like a pirate! ;-)


- Captain Sam Laveer 



10 winners in total!

If you win a prize you have one week from the date of the announcement of winners to contact us to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in loss of prize.


1st place prize

Cutthroat Shark Companion* (from the Cutthroat Bundle) + 10,000 Non-transferable crowns

1.  Sneaky Kevin Newell


2nd place prize

Military Sabre (from the Admiral Bundle card) + 5,000 Non-transferable crowns

1.  Dark Mark

2.  Cunning Amber Silver

3.  Crazy Ryan Upham


3rd place prize

One Random Pet from all of our prepaid cards + 1,000 Non-transferable crowns

1.  Salty Jason

2.  Fiery Faith

3.  Ruthless Dustin Ironside

4.  Gruesome Fred Leech

5.  Fair Beau Bowman

6.  Ambitious Tim Armstrong


About the Shark Companion:*

Class: Buccaneer 

1st Promotion cost: 1,700 Gold at Level 17

2nd Promotion cost: 4,800 Gold at Level 36

Gets 1 new Epic power per promotion

Starts out with Cheap Shot and Turn the Tide

(Turns into Turn the Tide 2 at final promotion)

Available Epic powers for the Cutthroat Shark companion

Note: Companions start at or around your level and will not start at Level 66. Name will be randomized from a list and will not be Toothy Ferris Ripper.


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