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How to submit data (Pirate101)

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Howdy Pirates!


This page will serve as a guideline to submitting data for Pirate101 pets.


First off, is to make sure we need information on a certain pet. You can access the Pirate101 Pet Index via the Navigator.


So let's say for the purpose of this guideline we are missing information for the Heck Kitty pet. 


Here is the information we will need for the pet:


It's stats at Level 1. (An untrained pet basically).

A high quality picture of the pet (to be rendered by our staff. You DO NOT need to render it yourself)

A picture of it's Talents and Powers. (Upon request we may ask for a picture for what the said Power/Talent does).


Let's break down what each thing means:


A pet's stats or Generic stats is it's base info before the pet has been trained in any way shape or form. This information is vital in that it provides the basic information about a pet. Here is what a Generic stats picture looks like:



Generally you can obtain the Generic stats several ways. The most easiest is viewing the pet on your Notifications when in-game. Just mouse over the pet's name (once it's hatched if not already). Another way is simply mousing over the pet on your Advanced pets tab. 



Next is visually the most important part of your submission: The picture. The picture is important for many reasons most notably it will be what the people see so it needs to be good. You do not once again need to render the image yourself, we will do that for you, and as always will credit you as the original source of the image. First off, you will want to make sure your graphics settings are at the best they can be (if possible).

Second, you will want to make sure the image of the pet is close up with a frontal-side view. You will also want to make sure the background isn't to similar the the colors of your pet. The reason for this is to make it easier for us to render the image properly.

Finally, when you save the image you will want to save it as PNG/png not JPG/jpg. 


Finally, the most important aspect of your submissions is the images of Talents and Powers. This is the most vital information we need on Petnome Pirates as each discovered Talent or Power brings us one step closer to fully mapping out a Pet's genome! What do the talents and powers page look like? Here are some images of the Talents and Powers pages for a Fire Toad. 


Simply open up your Advanced pets tab and take a picture (Press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard) of the Talents and Powers. Each one is accessed by pressing the "Talents" or "Powers" tabs. 


Wow! Seems like a lot of hard work doesn't it? Almost confusing but I assure you while it may be thorough it is much more simple doing it than it is explained here! The reason for all of this is to get as much accurate information as possible. When you're done your email (whichever email service you use) will look something similar to this: (The email you send your info to is Pirate101Petnome@outlook.com)


All that needs to be done now is to click send and you're done!


Thank you all for reading this guide and we hope to see many submissions for Pirate101 pets!


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