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Stubborn Duncan Freeman

Page history last edited by Duncan StormThief 10 years, 2 months ago

How do you like this Juju style?


Stubborn Duncan Freeman

Personal Petnome Motto:

If you can do it today, don't leave it for tomorrow.



"First, Witchdoctor came and then everything else"

"Abracadabra and you all are gone"


Pirate Details:

Class: Witchdoctor  

Current Level: 51

Homeworld: Skull Island

Current world: MooShu









Something about my Juju...


Hello everyone, you all know me as Ma1kavian. I am the WD who always says nice things, respects his opponents, and treats love of his life as Princess. Most of the time you won't understand what I am trying to say (too many typos XD), but then again, that just might be crazy Witchdoctor talk. I am all about my companions. I level them all regularly, and I love to see each one of them in battle with me.  A dead companion is a failed strategy.




Juju Chronicles - 08/22/2013


I would really like to say that I had so much fun the other week at Petnome Pirates first pet farming event. We were fighting Tyson at Travelin' Medicine Show (Tumbleweed Skyway/Cool Ranch). The event was a blast. There were more people than we hoped for.  I didn't get a pet, but luckily there were a lot of people who did get Armadillo Verde, which is cool. What pet farming event would that be if no one got a pet, right? The second half of this event I was trying to Juju Dreaming Flora's pet. We needed it for Skarakeet petnome info. When event was officially finished, we, Petnome Pirates team, gathered for some extra farming, and it was lots of fun. I even managed to snatch a few photos with my great Juju powers!



Juju Chronicles - 11/28/2013


I am Thankful for...


This might seem odd coming from me, since in my 26 years of life I never understood the true meaning of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in my country and only chance I had to hear about this American holiday (apparently many other countries are celebrating it according to Wikipedia) is on the movies and TV Shows. And it's still pretty vague for me. All I know about Thanksgiving are two things. One: You eat a turkey, and Two: Being invited to someones household on this holiday is kind of a big deal, and honor. I saw today on social media that everyone is saying what are they thankful for. Good, I want to hold on to that and say what I am really thankful for in these past years. First of all I am thankful for being able to find love of my life in this world. Almost week ago it has been our 4 year anniversary. I love you Katarina and thank you for being in my life! Second, I am thankful for my family. Thank you mom for being such a huge support in my life. Because of you I am the person you get to see today. I am thankful and proud of my younger brother, who got in college this year and already has start with some good grades!  I am thankful for KI games that me and Katarina both encountered in past years. We are proud Wizard101 players since 2010 and beta Pirate101 players. Now I would like to thank you, my awesome team/family/friends, from Petnome! You guys rock! Best friends I could ask for! Alric - You are something special my friend. You helped me to break prejudice of virtual friendship. I thought it's impossible to have that kind of connection with someone who is not close to you, until I met you. Even if my pets are girly to you, I love each time spent in game with you brother. You have such a special way to bring spirit of American Holidays to me. I am really thankful for each picture you share with me, of your cooking skills, your country, your family and your house decorations! I am thankful for the girl part of the team! SorceressMiklai and Ellie DreamFlower. You guys are so much fun to talk to. I think that SorceressMiklai is one of the most engaging person in the KI related games community. You provide us all with very helpful guides, and plus you are helping out with few more sites besides Petnome. You see this community as for what it should be: tolerant, nice and grateful. Ellie - what could I say about you except "LONG LIVE THE TROLL". I am always somehow happy when you are around. Very funny and awesome to talk to!  Thank you for being an awesome friend! Jonathan - Even if we didn't had much time together, I think that you are very kind and special person! Good luck with your education and I am hoping to see more of your GFX skill soon! I would also like to say that I am thankful for many great memories and friends on #twirate and #twizard community.


To honor that, I would like to post a picture that one good friend made it for us. Swordroll - I'ts really an honor knowing you. Thank you for everything you do for our community! It's really nice having you around. And thank you for your kind words!


On this picture are (from left to right), Ellie, SorceressMiklai, Alric, Katherine and me (picking nose apparently LOL)





Thank you!
















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