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Whatcha think of that Musk glare-y stare?


Vice-Admiral Sly Catalina Loughton




Personal Petnome Motto:


It's all about uniformity, balance, & completion


Spiral Skyways Sayings:

"I love all my pirates EQUALLY!"

"Hi Y'all!"




Straight Shootin'


Yay! for Petnome Pirates!! On August 21st (one day after my last blog here) our site became an Official P101 fan site :)


I have also been working on an 8-part series "Introduction to P101...Understanding the Game" on my own P101 blog, Skyway Shenanigans. I would love if y'all would read it and perhaps comment with your own opinions and views to playing the game the way YOU understand it.


The last week of the Arrrrgust month for P101 also saw the addition of a Gryphon mount and a Mini-Minotaur pet! I was lucky that my own sweetheart, Brave Sam Laveer (on his Buccaneer, Robert Younger), gifted my own Buccaneer, Nora, with one of these cute pets <3


This is all exciting news for me (and our Petnome Pirates team) because all three of these were mentioned in this month's Newsletter on P101. Well, not the blog introduction but my own Guide for Defeating Witchdoctor enemies. Still...VERY exciting and thrilling news!


Until next time...

~Keep smilin' :) , Pirate stylin'~












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