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Brave Sam Laveer

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How is this for an action pose? ;-)

Capt. Brave Sam Laveer

Personal Petnome Motto:

Accuracy! Efficiency! Integrity!

If you didn't get it from a direct source, toss it.



"Privateers shall rule the Skyways, and it will be beautiful!"

"Howdy Folks"




Pirate Details:

Class: Privateer 

Current Level: 65

Homeworld: The Spiral

Current world: Aquila




Privateer Ramblin'




The man behind the pirate:


I feel it's a good thing that people know a few things about me. I mean I shouldn't just be known as Alric or Sam that guy who runs Petnome. So here is a little about the person behind the pirate.


I am originally from Wizard101, joining up in July 2009, but come Beta of Pirate101 I fell in love even more with the world Kingsisle created. The narrative for Pirate101 is different but similar to Wizard101 and quite frankly the rebel in me wanted more than a distinct "good side, bad side" story.  Pirate101 has the more serious tone. It's kinda like  the Harry Potter book series. Wizard101 is sort of the early Harry Potter books. Dangerous! Exciting! But simple! Pirate101 on the other hand is like the later novels. Still exciting! But even more dangerous and dark! Things can and will be more morally ambiguous.


As a person I am well like lots of others there are good things, bad things about me, and some things that I cannot quite explain myself. One thing for sure is I am loyal. To  my family, my friends, and my country. In case you were wondering I'm from the United States and I am very proud of that. I'm proud of my heritage as a American of Hispanic descent. 


However, one of the best things in this world is sharing culture with other people both within my US backyard and across the globe. As humans we are incredibly social beings and one of the best things to do is utilize this skill to exchange ideas, custom, cuisine, and so on. As such I am also very proud to say I have friends all over the world, from Japan to Ireland, Mexico to Serbia, and all places in between. Another passion of mine is cooking. I love it and for me it goes hand in hand with culture and I am always eager to try new things or at least marvel at what others consider "normal" fare in their country, city, or even side of town. Food is the gateway to a good time and good exchange of conversation, it's a fulfilling universal language that can bring people together.


Random things about me


Favorite book series:


Favorite Beverages:




Video Games:








[To be updated]




All real life (nature, landscape, etc) images are taken by me, unless noted.


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