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Piratin' Pets

Page history last edited by Alric Ravensinger 6 years, 11 months ago

Arrr ye Pirates! To celebrate the openin' of the Petnome Pirates pet site Captain Sam Laveer (Alric Ravensinger) decided there be no better way than good O' Piratin' and Plunderin'! What are we plunderin'? Them scalawags and ne'er do wells of the Spiral also known as bosses. Our booty? Pets! Pets! and probably a few No Auction items! But see we caint decide where to farm. So we is leaving it to you Pirates! 


Here ye, Here ye.....be the list of Pet options:

Armadillo Verde, Tropical Sky Snake, Golden Stingtail in Cool Ranch

Ebon Spectre and Tawny Sky Turtle in Mooshu

or the Orchid Chameleon in Skull Island


To let us know what ye want to farm for tweet us @Petnome or email us at petnome@hotmail.com

By Monday August 5th, 2013 on that date the pet(s) with the most votes will be the pet we farm for.

In the o' meantime ye Pirates can check out our database and/or Stormgate Pirates for an additional contest page & details!


Captain Sam Laveer 

"Privateers will rule the Skyways, and it will be beautiful!"

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