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Petnome Pirates Friendship Festival Card Contest

Page history last edited by Beatriz Abbott 1 year, 5 months ago

Happy Friendship Festival! We have a contest sure to make this holiday sweet for both you and your pets.


Congratulations to our winners! We had some great entries and trying to choose winners was tough.


1st Prize: Fiery John Hawkins

2nd Prize: Llama Jerky

3rd Prize: Earnest Agnes Eastwick


For this contest, make a friendship festival card for your favorite in-game pet. You may make it silly, heartfelt or anything in between. You may use whatever editing software you have to add text, stickers, borders, or whatever else you think of to make your card extra special for your pet. Please keep entries G-rated and original. No more than one entry per person!


You have from today, February 14, until February 28 to create and send your entry to pirate101petnome@outlook.com.



1st place: Friendship Jaguar mount, Friendship Oni pet, 25,000 crowns

2nd place: Friendship Oni pet, 10,000 crowns

3rd place: 5,000 crowns


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