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P101's 6th Birthday Contest

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Create a Pet Training Game Contest


We all have our favorite games we like to set our pets to play. Whether it's the time limit, the amount of energy it takes, the rewards, or the prerequisites. Everyone loves to play games during birthday parties and now is your chance to create a game that your pet and others will love!


For this contest you will have to think and create ALL aspects of a pet training game; the world location & age limit, he name of the game & level, description (next to "TRAIN" button), Grants-attributes, experience, and card, Requirements-time, energy amount, card(s). You may either draw your entry or use digital media. Your entry MUST replicate the screenshot in design only! The rest must come from your imagination.




You only have to provide the info from the screenshot on the left. All the information in the "GRANTS" box is shown on the right so that's not necessary unless you just want to add it.


Prizes will include: Birthday Balloons Mount, Crowns, potions & elixirs, random packs, and random pets.


Winners will be placed 1st-5th plus one random drawing winner from remaining entries.




1st - Birthday Balloons Mount, 10K Crowns,  Energy Potion, Mega Snack Pack, Pet Gear Pack, Random Pet

2nd - Birthday Balloons Mount, 5K Crowns,  Energy Potion, , Mega Snack Pack, Pet Gear Pack, Random Pet

3rd - 2.5K Crowns,  Energy Potion, Snack Pack, Pet Gear Pack, Random Pet

4th - 2.5k Crowns,  Energy Potion, Pet Gear Pack, Random Pet

5th - 2.5K Crowns,  Energy Potion, Pet Gear Pack, Random Pet

Random Drawing - 1000 Crowns & Enegry Potion, Snack Pack, Random Pet




1st -Fair Aurora

2nd -

3rd -

4th -

5th -

Random Drawing -




- This contest begins Friday, October 19th at 12:00pm (noon) CDT and ends at 11:59pm CDT on Thursday, October 25th 2018.


- Send all entries to Pirate101Petnome@outlook.com with "Create A Pet Training Game" as the subject.


- You can submit only once! Make sure that you have uploaded your drawing!


-Your entry must be timestamped by the above times/dates to be considered valid. Any entries submitted BEFORE or AFTER will be disqualified.


- Your entry will be considered valid if you have followed the Directions above and our General Contest Rules


- Cheat in any way, shape, or form and you'll be banned from future contests


You MUST include your PIRATE NAME in the email AND your community (Facebook, Twitter, P101 Messageboards, P101 Central) name if you have one


Use good sportsmanship and be happy for others who win.


Have fun and enjoy yourself! :)



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