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Grants Talents Index

Page history last edited by SorceressMiklai 6 years, 7 months ago

A page dedicated to the listing of pet Talents that give additional cards or abilities to the owner (your pirate). 


If you see a "Grants" ability missing then email us at Pirae101Petnome@outlook.com with those additional details. If you have the missing ability on one of your pets email us for further instructions in order to obtain the image for use on our site. As always credit will be given to those who contribute to this effort with info and/or images. The Petnome Pirates thank you.






  1. Grouper of the Deep
  2. Sky Dragon Candy Cane
  3. Snowfall Fawn


  1. Musketeer Apex Shark
  2. Musketeer Raptor  


  1. Heck Kitty


  1. Paper Chain Snake 


  1. Ram-A-Lam


  1. Festive Candy Dragon 
  2. Paper Chain Snake 


  1. Witchdoctor Raptor


  1. Buccaneer Apex Shark


  1. Noel Claward


  1. Snowfall Fawn 


  1. Imperial Lion


  1. Festive Candy Dragon

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