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Retired Pets Index

Page history last edited by SorceressMiklai 6 years, 7 months ago

Pets that are no longer available in game because they have been discontinued. This can include Crowns Shop, Dropped, Promo, Prepaid Gift Card*, or Bundle pets.


If you have information about a retired or discontinued pet that is not listed here then please email us Pirate101Petnome@outlook.com with "Retired Pets Index" as the subject line and any screenshots or details that state this. As always, any contributions will be credited to the player.


*Just because a pet is no longer available via Gift Card in one country does not make it retired if the pet is still available elsewhere. (Example the CVS $20 Puffer pets are discontinued in America but still available in Canada at Shopper Drug)


  1. Birthday Cake Crawlie
  2. Chestnut Buffaloon
  3. Cloudburst Crawlie
  4. Crimson Crawlie
  5. Durango Buffaloon
  6. Pecos Buffaloon
  7. Questing Crawlie
  8. Ranchero Buffaloon
  9. Skarakeet
  10. Thundering Buffaloon
  11. Tidepool Crawlie

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